ى ر ك 12

ا It is r eported that if a person makes the above du’â, Allaah will remove his anxieties and worries, and will replace it with happiness and comfort. 7 (2016) ر ا ر ى ماز ىر ظ ط خ ي ر ا ل م ا ك ر ي ن ّٰ CHRISTIAN PRINCE

    فوائد حب دوار الشمس فيتمين د
  1. مٹاڈ ك
  2. D
  3. ويكاموس:جذور
  4. An Arabic word may have a range of meanings depending on context
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  6. رُ َ كَ
  7. ا 1972 م˜ / ˜0ا 1˙˜ 2 م ˆ 3 0ا ب